Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Feed The Fasting Campaign

The 2007 campaign was a succes for IR Malaysia. Insyaallah, we will once again running the 2008 Feed the Fasting campaign with the hope that the benefits will reach out more poor and needy families not only in Malaysia but all over the world where IR works.

We welcome any contribution that you can make and any partnership with corporations, government agencies, foundations and individuals who believe in humanitarian works.

If you wish to know more about the campaign or would like to participate, kindly call us at 03-8948 6334 or email us at

Thank you

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Issuance of receipt

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone.

IR Malaysia is in the process of issuing receipts to all kind donors. If you wish to receive an acknowledgement receipt and still have not receive one, please contact us at 03-8948 6334 or e-mail us at

Thank you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We are close for Eid celebration

IR Malaysia' s office will be closing from 15 October 2007 to 20 October 2007. We will resume on Monday 22 October, 2007.

Salam Eidul Fitri

Our most special gratitude and thank you to all of you, kind donors and supporters for making our Ramadhan Feed the Fasting Programme 2007 successful. Your contribution has provided food to the needy all across Malaysia and internationally where Islamic Relief Worldwide works. Your gift has surely bring hope and lighten up their Ramadhan this year.

We really hope that we will get your continuing support of our future activities as well as expanding our circle of commitment to other members of your family, friends, neighbours, colleagus, etc.

Thank you once again on behalf of our beneficiaries. It is the generous donations from people like your kind self that save thousands of lives around the world. May Allah reward you for all your good deeds.

With that, the Ramadhan Feed the Fasting Programme 2007 is officially close on today 12 October 2007. Any contibution received after this will be channelled into our Eid Gift Programme 2007.



Khaled Khalifa, Ernie, Khadijah, Rina, Linda and Azilah

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Support from Touch'n Go

Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd has contributed to IR Malaysia on 9 October, 2007. The ceremony took place at the company's premise in Taman Desa, KL.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Visit our Eid Gift 2007 Blog

To read more about our Eid Gift Programme 2007, click HERE

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The campaign will end soon!!

IR Malaysia will accept any contribution made for the Feed the Fasting campaign until end of Ramadhan 2007. So the last day to do your part is 12 October, 2007. Any donations received after the campaign closed will be chanelled to our Eid Gift Programme 2007.

Happy iftar!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pos Kuala Mu

One of IR Malaysia team members to Perak, Marihah Suhaimi learned her experience as described in the photos above.

Contribution from Ingress Group of Companies

IR Malaysia's Country Director, Khaled Khalifa is accepting contribution from Ingress Group of Companies. Presenting is Ingress's President of Corporate Division, Ramli Napiah.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Starlit Buka Puasa

# Photo with the children # Prof. Dr Azni presenting goodie bag # The Malay Tea House, FRIM, Selayang #

An iftar with 35 children from Selangor on Sunday 30 September, 2007 organised by IR Malaysia and supported by kind donors. Venue is The Malay Tea House, Forest Research Institute (FRIM), Selayang.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Distribution in Bentong, Pahang

IR Malaysia distributed food package on Saturday, 22 September 2007 at Kg. Sg. Gapoi, Bentong, Pahang

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Journey has Started

Praise to the All Mighty,
on 1st ramadhan 13th September 2007, IRM has successfully distributed 189 food packages to the beneficieries in Mukim Bota & Mukim Lambor. The other 36 packages will be distributed on 29th at Pos Kuala Mu..

Our second mission for Ramadhan campaign is to distrubute the packages at Johor. And On 18th September 2007, 2 IRM staffs with the country director,Mr. Khaled and our Trustee, Sist. Marihah, IRM team has the opportunity to meet with villagers of Kg. Pasir Salam & Kg. Pasir Putih with the help of PBT Pasir Gudang. The distribution went well and we reached KL at the hour of 12am. The amount of food packages distributed in Johor are 35.

Wait for More updates and real-life stories on "RAMADHAN FEED THE FASTING" from the IRM team (^_^)

Click Here to view pictures of the Ramadhan Packages Distribution in Perak on 13th September 2007

Click Here to view pictures of the Ramadhan Packages Distribution in Johor on 18th September 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fundraising & Outreach at One Utama

We were at One Utama New Wing- Community Corner from 14 to 16 September 2007.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feed The Fasting Programme In TheStar Newspaper Today

Sardines From Alif Food Industries

Last Thursday, Mr. Khaled & Eliza made a trip down to Senawang, Negeri Sembilan to meet Cik Shera from Alif Food Industries to receive the donations of 1750 packets of sardines for our Feed the Fasting campaign!!

That means our beneficiaries will receive more, thank to Alif!! The Instant Sardines comes in 2 different flavors; sardines in tomato or sardines in chillie sauce. While waiting for the items to be ready, we were briefed about other products by Alif Food Industries. They were kind enough to give us some sample to take back and try!! yummy...

Monday, September 10, 2007


Islamic Relief Malaysia telah mengadakan program Kempen Ramadhan, Feed The Fasting kami di MYDIN SUBANG untuk kali kedua pada 8 dan 9 September 2007 yang lalu. Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua sukarelawan-sukarelawan kami yang penuh bersemangat dan berdedikasi membantu kami menjalankan jualan belon berwarna warni untuk program tersebut. Program di MYDIN SUBANG kali bertambah meriah dengan persembahan dari sukarelawan muda daripada kumpulan Tree Theatre Group.
Kami ingin menyampaikan ribuan terima kasih dan penghargaan kami kepada:

1. Cik Yana Zamira- Sukarelawan IRM
2. Cik Yuri Zamira- Sukarelawan IRM
3. Cik Tazkera - Sukarelawan IRM
4. En. Ihsan - Sukarelawan IRM
5. Pn Haiza- TTG
6. Pn Fadzillah- TTG
7. En Zambri- TTG
8. Semua ahli dan ibubapa Tree Theatre Group

Ribuan terima kasih juga diucapkan kepada pihak pengurusan MYDIN SUBANG diatas segala kerjasama yang diberikan.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Mubarak Kepada Semua

Friday, September 7, 2007


Salam to all..we are getting near to the Holy month of Ramadhan and as we have informed earlier that in the first week of Ramadhan IRM will start on the food distribution in Malaysia. Thus, we would like to inform all dear friends that on 13th September 2007, 1 Ramadhan 1428H, the first food distribution will be at Perak; Mukim Labor and Mukim Bota.

Countdown to Ramadhan : 4 days to go

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ramadhan Mubarak, May this RAMADHAN makes us a better Muslim.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ramadhan Beneficiaries in Malaysia

Dear friends of IRM, these are the places that IRM has identified for our Ramadhan 'FEED THE FASTING' Programme :


i. Mukim Bota

ii. Mukim Labor

iii. Pos Kuala Mu


i. Kg. Pasir Putih, Pasir Gudang

ii. Kg. Pasir Salam


i. Kg. Kala Bt. 12, Gombak


i. Kg. Sungai Gapoi, Bentong

The first distribution will be in Perak on the first of Ramadhan, 13th September 2007, Insyaallah. We have yet decide on the date for other places, thus we will update more on the progress of 'FEED THE FASTING' Programme through this blog from time to time.

Thank you for visiting our blog and do drop by next time (^_^)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mydin Mall Hiccup!

To those of you who came to look for our booth in Mydin Mall, there was a small hiccup in getting the approval from the Mydin Mall's "management". We are happy to confirm that we will be there on Saturday (25th July) & Sunday (26th July) from 10.00 am till 7.00pm. Another change of plan is that we are not going to be there on the Merdeka weekend, due to family obligations :)

So, come on over to Mydin Mall USJ with your family and help us fundraise!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Beneficiaries in Perak

Khadijah & Eliza made a trip to Perak last Tuesday to visit some of the villages and recipients of our Ramadhan Feed The Fasting campaign. En. Harris, a lecturer from UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak initiated the trip and drove us around the district of Bota and Lembor. Perak Tengah has been identified as one of the most poorest area in the country, where most of the villagers work in oil palm plantations, padi fields or mere odd-jobs.

The first stop was to Mukim Lembor, to meet the Penghulu, Encik Abdul Hafidz Ibrahim. According to him, they have identified 100 families within his district that will be receiving our Ramadhan Food Packs.

Encik Hafidz then brought us to visit a village called Kg. Rimba Jaya, where about 40 families around the area has been relocated and given basic amenities such as house, electricity and water supply by the government.

There, we were introduced to Encik Zakaria Yunus, a visually-impaired person, living with his 4 young children. Their sole provider is his eldest son who is currently working in a rubber glove factory in Mengglembu, earning RM500 a month!!

There's 2 small room and a basic kitchen for his niece to come and cook daily. He is lucky as the government gave him a new brick house and placed him near the surau so that he can get help easier, in case of any emergency.

Others who are not so lucky, simply gets a wooden house.
Our next stop was to meet Encik Mohd. Nor the Penghulu for Mukim Bota. He also managed to find 100 families to receive our food packs. One of the villages was Kg. Sepakat Jaya, also a PPRT program. Similar to Kg. Rimba Jaya, majority of the residents are old folks or adults with large family. Therefore, they are still unable to improve their standard of living.

We made one last stop before leaving for Kuala Lumpur.
En. Harris brought us to an orphanage called Bait Al-Amin, a local home for poor and orphaned children. It is managed by a group of ex-teachers who were affected by the Tsunami Orphans in Kedah and decided to bring them to Perak, where they lived. later on, they started to go around Perak in search of poor families who cannot afford to take care of their children and bring them out so that they could get proper education and motivation. The house Supervisor, Bro Norizan explained that they have been operating for almost 6 years now and they have about 59 children, mostly boys.

They would really need help in terms of infrastructure and education as they are thankful to have a constant contribution for food supplies.

Maybe our next campaign would be building a new library for them..what do you all think? Sounds like a good plan? Let us know your feedbacks....SUPPORT US PLEASE!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We will be in Mydin Mall, USJ!!!

Greetings friends of Islamic Relief Malaysia,

To those of you who lives in USJ, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong and as far as Klang, pay attention! Myding Mall has generously supported our campaign by alowing us to fundraise inside their Mall for 4 weekends, starting from 18 August to the 9 September 2007. How great is that!

There will be exciting activities such as games, quizzes, exhibitions and many more. We might be lucky to have a certain famous personality that will join us there. Who? Then you must be there to find out. Come bring your children, friends, mother, father, sister...the whole neighbourhood to Mydin Mall.

Again, we ARE collecting for our Feed the Fasting campaign, so please support us by donating ya? Remember...sharing is caring!!!

You can also help by being there to promote and create more excitement at our booth...the more the merrier!